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Editorial Design/Exhibition

"ASCHE - Geld allein macht nicht unglücklich" is a monothematic magazine, and it's all about the money in this one.

This magazine was developed as my bachelor thesis in cooperation with my two good friends Laura Pier and Lisa Pawelzik.


Cash, Bucks, Dough, Loot, Quid, Dinero, or simply Cash – if something has as many synonymes as money, it simply must be important. As a matter of fact there are not many topics, that concern every single person. However money does. No one can reject to be part of the system, everyone has a relationship to the currency he grew up with or uses. It is worshiped and cursed, we behave completly irrational when money is involved. We earn, spend, save, or throw it out of a wide open window.

This is why it is the topic of this magazine, that shows money in all its shades, shapes and colors.


The center of this project is the magazine itself.

It consists of three chapters which describe states that all apply to money: Clear, in which topics are discussed that are distinctivly and unarguably obvious. Coin minting, what is the world bank, war debt amongst others.

Wierd, the chapter in which the relationship between money and men and the difference between quantifyable value and personal value are discussed. Greed, Debt and what it does to people, and the ups and downs in the stock market.

Insanity, that shows how money brings people to do crazy things like selling organs for profit, provoke a financial crisis that causes economies to collaps, or investing in digital money.


Additionally to the printed magazine we adapted the content for a digital version for tablets, also integrating interactive features, music, video and extrenal links.

Furthermore we developed a website where we integrated our trailer and give a short introduction into the project.

For an exhibition of all Bachelor Projects at MSD (PARCOURS) we designed our room in regards to a guided experience for visitors and sold all of our printed magazines.


Our bachelor project ASCHE was awarded best bachelor thesis of the semeter at MSD, and also shown in the german design magazines PAGE and Novum (07.16).