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Product Design/Corporate Design


Budenzauber or Advent reduziert (advent reduced) is a product design project at MSD. Every year a group design students gets to develope reduced christmas products.

The challenge in this project lies within engeneering a product that is not just another tacky decoration for the hollidays, but a modern interpretation of the old traditions.

Also in this project the products are not only developed but have to be fabricated in a small series of at least twenty and then are sold on one single day in a shop in Münster.


My product is called "Himmeli" and is a modern version of a finnish tradition. In Finnland during the harvest season the most beautiful stems of straw used to be seperated and collected. During advent season the family built Himmelis from them and hung them above the dinner table for christmas. The Himmelis are supposed to bring good luck to the family for the coming year.

This lovely tradition and the geometric shape of the Himmelis inspired me to develope a modern product. Himmelis from brass tubes. I also packaged them in groups of five to form a star.


Also I helped design the packaging and all of the communicational mediums such as posters, stickers, post cards, and paper table cloth for the product presentation.


As a little bonus I sold all thirty Himmeli Packages
that I handcrafted and made a little money I could invest

in christmas gifts.