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Editorial Design


Fort is a project for wich I partnered up with fellow student Laura Pier to redesign the magazine "Verträglich Reisen"


It was a "real" project in cooperation with the Fairkehr publishing company. The task was to redesign and conceptually rethink their existing magazine "Verträglich Reisen"

The magazine is focused on sustainable travel - wich means keeping the ecological footprint to a minimum and traveling without using a plane.

After a detailed briefing by the client and a lot of research, Laura and I developed a new magazine for them called "Fort" (translates to away).

Our main idea was to incorporate the special role of Germany as europes center and to split up their articles in 4 categories based on the cardinal points – north, east, south and west.

We developed a color system for those categories, and advised the client to work with a mixture of long reports with a lot of pictures, small features, pages for lifestyle and cooking and news. Also we provided them with advise as to imagery and color spectrum in their photos.

The design with a lot of white space is supposed to make the reader feel free and give him space to make the mind travel and be inspired for upcoming trips.
The font-mixture is personal and  uplifting.


At the end of the semester all works were presented to the
client and Laura and I were awarded the first place.
In 2016 the Fairkehr pulishing company will release
their new issue of "Verträglich Reisen" with an adapted
version of our design.