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Parcours 2015

Exebition/Corporate Design

Breathing in. Pause. Being in the moment just with oneself. The surroundings fade to nothingness. Right now and right here a memory for eternity emerges. Time seems to stand still just for this moment – and yet it keeps on flowing inexorably.


Breathing out, applause, goosebumps, glaring light, a crackling sound, the feeling of electricity in the air. It is the moment of an ending. An ending, that had been in the infinite future which now has caught up with the graduates. The moment in which the familiar merges into the uncertain. In which prospect and reality separate. In which change is tangible. The moment in which the future begins!


This Manifesto layed the groundwork for the PARCOURS Exhibition 2015. PARCOURS is a biannual event at MSD. Bachelor and Master graduates are given a platform on which they preset their final thesis projects. Each semester a group of students plans this three days event.


Starting with an idea, a concept and a visual identity this project encompasses all disciplines of design and also teaches the students to schedule, budget and conquer unlikely and unforeseen challenges. Who would have thought that studying design meant I would have to book DJs, think about fire hazards, or acquire business contacts for sponsoring?


Within this project I worked on the visual identity, especially developing the typography and the key visual of PARCOURS 2015. Also I took part in designing the layout of the catalogue and the website. Translating the visuals into a 3D-Object I developed personalized awards that were given to each graduate. Lastly party planning, catering and the communication between our team and the graduates were also exciting tasks i mastered during this project.