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Editorial Design


Rhizom is a Editorial Design Project of MSD. Every semester a new group of students gets to create a magazine from scratch. The only constant is the name – Rhizom.
Rhizom is the name of an underground plant, that forms a network, resurfacing sporadicly. When a connection within the Rhizom is broken or destroyed, it simply forms new structures, thereby sprawling unseen underground.


Rhizom 19 – the issue I took part in – is titled "Überflut" roughly translating to overflow. It contains 12 articles all dealing with the exuberance of everything. We decided on this subject because it is something we all whitness every day. We are a generation of endless possibilities, endless information, endless consumption, endless everything.

The topic of my article is how we have learned to throw away our material things when they are broken, because fixing them would be more expensive or time-consuming, and how this is changing our behavior socially.


I took part in developing the basic layout and choosing fonts and colors, so all layouts would have a consistant look.

We decided on seven neon colors, as those heavy on the eye colors transport the message of "too much" very well.



Aside from writing my article and designing the layout for it, I also helped create the contents pages, an article about "rich kid shit", the "best of the best" article and the layout for the pages on wich the editorial staff of Rhizom 19 is presented.


Rhizom 19 on Design Made in Germany