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Typographic Compendium

Book Design


This typographic compendium is the result of a semester of experimentation. Sometimes you have to make hundreds of versions of the same content to find the right one, and sometimes you have to make a hundred more to see that the first version is the best.


During one semester we had a very specific task ervery week, starting with choosing the font and deciding on a basic layout. Then tables of content were developed, page numbers, hedlines, subheadlines, margins, interviews, poetry, pictures and so on.


The continuous repetiton and the focus on the endless posibilitys especially paid off after the compendium was allready finished. The procces of a typographical decision now is a lot faster, since many of the possibilities have allready been tried and saved in my head.


My love for typography and the small differences in fonts that make all the difference in print made this course one of my favourites during my studies.