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Graphic Design


Zwischenzeit is a compendium about waiting. It is the result of a course at MSD in which we were asked to visualise time.


In a partner project I developed this little book that contains about 50 strategies about waiting. They are categorized in passive, active, and together.

Waiting can be a horrible experience if you let it be. There are many ways to change that. Making up stories in your head, getting to know your body by counting wrinkles or freckles, finding patterns in your surroundings, or getting in to a match of who is slower with a fried are just a couple of them.

The Book is a small format so it can be taken anywhere you could possibly have to wait for something

The Binding is a japanese binding technique and the pages are folded in a special way so they can be pulled out. The inside of the folded pages sporadicly contains further information or stories, so finding them also distracts from waiting.